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Schokolat, a leading UK manufacturer of high quality chocolate gifts has launched its unique chocolate gifts collection in the USA. Cobra Marketing & Distribution was chosen to be their USA Distributor, and will be responsible for all USA Distribution for both online and offline sales.

Schokolat is a DTI Best of British Design award winner and leading UK manufacturer of chocolate novelty gifts. Established in 2013, the company has grown year on year and provides authentic looking chocolate tools, celebration items and sports/hobby chocolate gifts across 9 European countries.






The products look exactly like their metal and wooden counterparts and include the nicks, chips, scratches and aged look that are seen on worn tools and utensils. Made from the finest quality chocolate (58% cocoa solids) and Gluten free, the products are handmade, helping to give them their authentic rustic and aged look. 

Making the perfect gift, the Schokolat Collection includes products from the garden, kitchen/home, tool, party or celebration items. The range contains over 30 chocolate items including: horse shoes, keys, padlocks, handcuffs, garden taps, bottle openers, golf irons and balls, as well as a large selection of tools - spanners, nuts and bolts, pliers and hammers. In addition, Schokolat has launched 2 new Steampunk products. They are a Steampunk Gun and Steampunk Googles.

What makes Schokolat unique is the ageing and worn effects that capture nicks, dents and scratches , followed by a handmade carving and colouring process. They make ideal gifts throughout the year for Birthdays, Holidays, Anniversaries, Mother's & Father's Day, Valentine's Day, Celebrations, Corporate Gifts and other events.


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